Top 10 Best Walleye Lures: Reel in Walleye Success with the Perfect Lures

Walleye fishing is a challenging and rewarding pursuit, demanding the right lures to entice these elusive and prized freshwater predators. As an avid walleye angler, having a collection of top-quality walleye lures is crucial to elevate your success on the water. In this comprehensive guide, we present the top 10 best walleye lures in 2023. These lures are meticulously selected to offer a diverse range of colors, sizes, and actions, ensuring you have the perfect tools to attract and catch walleye species in various fishing environments. Whether you’re targeting walleye in lakes, rivers, or reservoirs, these lures will help you create an irresistible presentation that triggers walleye strikes. Let’s dive into this selection of exceptional walleye lures that will enhance your angling experience.

  1. Rapala Shad Rap:

The Rapala Shad Rap is a classic walleye lure renowned for its lifelike swimming action and enticing wobble. Available in multiple sizes and colors, it’s a versatile choice for enticing walleye in varying conditions.

  1. Berkley Flicker Shad Crankbait:

The Berkley Flicker Shad Crankbait features a unique action and tight wobble that walleye find irresistible. Its realistic appearance and rattling noise make it a go-to choice for targeting walleye.

  1. Smithwick Rogue:

The Smithwick Rogue is a time-tested jerkbait that mimics wounded baitfish. Its erratic side-to-side motion and suspending design are perfect for triggering walleye strikes, especially in cold water.

  1. Mepps Walleye Kit:

The Mepps Walleye Kit offers a selection of spinners and spoons designed specifically for walleye. The variety of colors and sizes provide versatility and effectiveness in different fishing scenarios.

  1. Northland Fishing Tackle Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon:

The Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon from Northland Fishing Tackle combines visual appeal with an enticing rattle. Its vertical jigging action and sound profile make it a go-to choice for ice and open-water walleye fishing.

  1. Rapala Jigging Rap:

The Rapala Jigging Rap is a versatile vertical jigging lure that imitates injured baitfish. Its realistic appearance and unique swimming motion make it effective for walleye in various depths.

  1. Reef Runner Deep Diver:

The Reef Runner Deep Diver is designed to reach greater depths and cover a wider area. Its wide wobble and range of colors make it a reliable choice for targeting walleye at different water levels.

  1. Cotton Cordell Wally Diver:

The Cotton Cordell Wally Diver is known for its tight wobble and ability to dive quickly. Its slender profile and enticing action make it effective for trolling and casting to walleye.

  1. YUM Walleye Grub:

The YUM Walleye Grub is a soft plastic bait with a lifelike tail action. Its versatile design and scent attract walleye in various fishing situations, making it an excellent choice for jigging and trolling.

  1. Johnson ThinFisher Blade Bait:

The Johnson ThinFisher Blade Bait produces vibrations that walleye can’t resist. Its realistic finish and ability to be cast or jigged make it a versatile option for targeting walleye.


Reeling in walleye success requires a well-equipped tackle box with top-quality walleye lures. The top 10 best walleye lures in 2023 featured in this guide are carefully selected to offer a range of colors, sizes, and actions, ensuring you have the perfect tools to attract and catch elusive walleye species. Whether you’re fishing in lakes, rivers, or reservoirs, these exceptional lures will help you create an irresistible presentation that triggers walleye strikes. Elevate your walleye fishing game with these proven lures and get ready for thrilling battles with these prized freshwater predators. Choose your favorite walleye lures and embark on memorable walleye fishing adventures with confidence and excitement. Happy walleye fishing and tight lines!